20:20 Vision's first ever New Writing Festival took place at the Old Theatre Royal Bath from 31 May - 2 June 2013


Our inaugural showcase took the audience on a journey into the minds of 7 unique and energised young playwrights as they explored and exposed what it means to be part of Generation Y. The most unique aspect of the first production from 20:20 Vision was that everyone involved - the producers, directors, writers, performers, designers - were all under the age of 30.



Sarah Agha

Samuel Burton

Caroline Charles

Drou Constantinou

Kelly Costello

Alexander Devrient

Melissa-Kelly Franklin

matthew grace

Stephanie Hampton

Daisy Jorgensen

Nathan Medina

Suzannah Nutt

Lewis J. Oatley

Ariane Thornton-Mason

Joshua Youngerman




david shopland



Callum Patrick Hughes



David Shopland

A Definition of Love


Eloise Oatley

Party of Three


David Mowbray



Richard Loftus

Like Leo and Kate


Scarlett Archer

Our Love Is Like


Daisy Jorgensen

Silent Chalk: Chrysalis


photos by

Adam Corcoran

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